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Make your work easier than ever!
Create your planner tasks directly from Outlook.

Microsoft 365 add-in

Connect your Planner with Outlook and Teams through iPlanner Pro Office 365.

Get the full experience from Planner

Highly editable

Easy to deploy

Create, edit and filter your Planner tasks directly from any Outlook/MS Teams client. Set priorities and e-mail reminders to monitor your team.

Planner makes it easy for your team to create new plans, organize and assign tasks, share files, chat about what you're working on, and get updates on progress.

Create, manage and edit your Planner tasks directly from Outlook.

Deploy the add-in in Microsoft 365 and it is available on Outlook for Windows, MAC, Web and Outlook for IOS.

No data is saved locally on any devices, nor does iGlobe save any of your data. We are 100% GDPR compliant. iPlanner Pro receives task live data from the Planner on your Microsoft 365.

Learn about iGlobe's privacy policy.

Microsoft 365 App Certification confirms that an app solution is compatible with Microsoft technologies, compliant with cloud app security best practices, and supported by Microsoft, a trusted partner.  

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Reviews by iPlanner Pro users

" We have been using iPlanner Pro for the past year and are very pleased with it. We are using it daily. The ability to easily customize each task, adding team members and attaching documents works perfectly for my business which is project driven. I would recommend using this app!"

"Really great application to keep all actions and information together. I have finally found the tool that prevents me from endlessly searching my mailbox for the information with my actions. I easily follow up what needs to be done and it also helps me to not forget the important things to get started in time."

"Works as Advertised.

Excellent Product, nice to have IOS as well. 

Great Company to partner with. 

Highly Recommended."

David Norton

Larry Hill

Jack van Gils

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Minimum of 5 users

Minimum of 12 months

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